BBC TWO to meet the Super Rich

BBC TWO to meet the Super Rich
24 Nov 2014

Kim Shillinglaw, Controller, BBC TWO today announced a new season of factual content which gives viewers unprecedented access to the world of the Super Rich.

With films including a new series from Jacques Peretti exploring why the Super Rich have come to the UK and what it means for the rest of us; a revealing look at the Rich Russians who have made London their home; a glimpse behind the scenes at Necker Island to see just what it takes to work for the rich and famous; and a job swap that demonstrates the huge lifestyle contrasts that exist across the country, this opulent season of programming uncovers just how the very richest people in society live their lives and how they are changing the fabric of modern Britain.

Kim Shillinglaw says:  “From exposing the jaw-dropping luxury in which the richest one percent of society live to exploring the impact such lifestyle extremes have on contemporary Britain, this will be a fascinating and thought-provoking season of films for BBC TWO.”

Meet The Super Rich season includes the following films:

The Super Rich and Us – 2 x 60
Never before has money been so polarised in Britain; the richest 85 people now own more than half the UK population.  The rise of the Super Rich has meant that wealth in the UK is dividing our society at an extraordinary rate but how and why did it happen?  In this two-part series, Jacques Peretti explores the far-reaching effect the Super Rich are having on the transformation of the very fabric of British society.  Why have the Super Rich flocked to Britain, and why does it matter to us?  Peretti examines how the wealth of the top one percent of society does not exist in a bubble, but directly affects all our lives.

Commissioned by Clive Edwards, Head of Commissioning, Current Affairs.  Dermot Caulfield is the Executive Producer from Fresh One.

Rich Russians (w/t) - 1 x 60
Who really are the super-rich Russian elite who have chosen to make London their home?  Why have they favoured our capital city?  And why do they obsess about the English education system, polo and our monarchy?  This film enters the lives of a billionaire businessman; one of London’s biggest art collectors; and an entrepreneur who says he was chased out of Russia for his liberal views and growing bank balance.  The film also reveals more about the life of Russia’s top supermodel and follows two debutantes preparing for the glitz and glamour of the prestigious Russian ball.
Clare Paterson is the BBC Commissioning Editor.  Brian Woods is the Executive Producer from True Vision TV. 

Inside Necker Island (w/t) – 1 x 60
For the first time viewers are given an in depth, behind the scenes look at one of the most exclusive holiday destinations in the world - Necker Island.  This film is an intimate portrait of how the rich, powerful and famous holiday, and what it’s like for the staff who serve them.  It’s an upstairs/downstairs world where nearly 100 staff cater to just 30 guests – where some have paid up to a staggering £40,000 a night to experience the perfect island paradise.  Meeting the needs of these VIPs are the staff of British, European and locals islanders.  It may seem that they’ve landed the dream job working in paradise; however the realities of living in the middle of the Caribbean Sea bring a whole host of major challenges.

Commissioned by Tom McDonald, Acting Head of Commissioning, Science and Natural History.  Stuart Cabb is the Executive Producer from Plum Pictures. 

Car dealers: The Trade Off (w/t) - 1 x 60
A brand new format exploring the huge lifestyle contrasts that exist in contemporary Britain.  Two professionals from vastly different worlds in car sales - from selling supercar Ferraris to budget bangers - swap jobs and salaries for two working weeks.  They’ll have to learn on the job, impress brand-new bosses and deal with a completely different set of customers.  During their time away they’ll be immersed in an unfamiliar community, meet the family and friends of their opposite number, and gain a unique insight into just how different life in Britain can be.

Craig Hunter is the BBC Commissioning Editor.  Cate Hall is the Executive Producer from Boundless (part of FremantleMedia UK). 

Meet The Super Rich season will air on BBC TWO from January 2015.

Issued by BBC: 20th November 2014
Charlotte Turner